Weekly Class Schedule


Tiny Tigers

3-6 Year Olds

Tiny Tigers allows us the opportunity to work with our pre-school students. We put an emphasis on drills to increase coordination and balance, and we introduce them to the idea of self defense. Teaching them simple but effective ways to defend themselves is at the core of our program.


All Ranks/All Ages

Sparring is an exercise in which students can work on and develop their fighting skills with a training partner. All students equip themselves with a mouth guard and foam dipped gear before participating. Our students are taught how to be good training partners when working with others, and also keeping it as close to realistic fighting without the injuries.


White/Advanced White Belts

In a Beginner class, we make sure our students have a precise understanding of the basic punches, blocks, and kicks. These are the fundamental building blocks to their entire martial arts journey. We also provide drills for coordination, balance, and reaction time. The basics in self defense start here with our wrist grabs, hair grabs, clothing grabs, and chokes.


All Ranks/All Ages

Katas are a beneficial way to train. As the student learns forms, they help in three primary ways: It is a way to pass down knowledge from student to student, it is a way to practice techniques on both the left and right sides of the body, and a great way to practice techniques without a training partner around.


Yellow Belts & Above

Intermediate students are no longer beginners. These classes are more strict, making sure respect and hard work are being demonstrated by all students. We focus in on line drills to build speed and to develop their basic techniques. We introduce more complicated training exercises to help build your muscles and strengthen your core.


All Ranks/All Ages

Each rank will provide an opportunity to learn self defense from different attacking positions. These classes are for all ages and ranks to work with each other to develop quick and easy ways to escape those grabs. 


Green Belts & Above

Advanced class has a zero tolerance policy for messing around. This time is for development of your character and to help polish the skills you have been building over the last 3 + years. We work on stamina, building the student's mental capabilities, and developing self defense to be as effective as possible. 


YelloW Belt & Above

Weapons training will not be mandatory for you to test for new rank until you are an advanced student; however, many students like this part of the martial arts and can start at yellow belt level. We start every student out with a staff, as it is the most versatile and realistic weapon compared  to common everyday objects. After that, we offer many more weapons for the student to develop and master.