Unlock your true potential:

Dale McCutcheon’s Martial Arts Academy is about more than kicking, punching, and karate workouts. From children to adults, beginners to experts, every class at Dale McCutcheon’s Martial Arts includes a core focus on broadening the individual’s mental and physical capabilities, building confidence with realistic self-defense techniques, and developing high quality character traits such as integrity, honor, and respect.

Dale McCutcheon has been practicing and teaching martial arts for more than 45 years. He holds the rank of Grand Master (10th degree) in the Arts of Ku Ti Tai, Do Vee Fut, Di Muk, and other Chinese systems. He also holds the rank of 9th degree in other styles: Judo, Ju Jit Su, and Kenpo Karate. He has been known throughout the competition circuit as a top national competitor and throughout his career has garnered many National Championships. Mr. McCutcheon is the US Operations & Region #3 Director for the Professional Karate Commission (PKC), World Director for PKC Kickboxing Ratings and PKC Sanctions for Kickboxing Events.

Despite all these awards and important roles in the competitive martial arts arena, Dale McCutcheon believes his life’s purpose is to teach children and families the important life skills that karate provides.  These skills include self discipline, confidence, concentration, integrity, and self esteem.