Children age 3 to 6 love to run, jump, squeal, and play. They are fireballs of energy. With that in mind, our Tiny Tiger program is designed to channel that energy and teach focus, coordination, listening skills, and confidence. Classes are both structured and fun. Energetic children will enjoy burning off some of that extra energy and shy children will come out of their shells.  Martial arts based exercises such as blocking, kicking, and striking help our preschoolers develop a strong sense of balance, coordination, and focus. 

Our Tiny Tigers have their own belt ranking system and testing requirements that allows them to make progress and experience success at an age appropriate pace. Our ranking system for Tiny Tigers is as follows:

Beginner White Belt

White Belt/Black Stripe

Yellow Belt/Black Stripe

Orange Belt/Black Stripe

Blue Belt/Black Stripe

Yellow Belt – Solid

When a Tiny Tiger earns his/her Blue Belt Black Stripe he/she is allowed to start coming to the regular Beginner classes and Kata classes. This aids their transition from Tiny Tigers to the regular program. Once they earn their solid Yellow Belt they graduate from Tiny Tigers to regular classes.