Timeline for Belt Testing

At every belt level, students will receive a requirement check off sheet. Once  the items on the check off sheet are completed to the satisfaction of Mr. McCutcheon and the instructors, the student will have the opportunity to test for the next belt level. Testing will be offered nearly every month. There is no set time period between belt tests, each student will progress at their own pace.

Every student is different. The progress of each individual will depend on their ability and how often they come to class. Most of our students experience the averages listed below:

Beginner to Advanced White 2 to 4 months
Advanced White to Yellow 4 to 6 months
Yellow to Orange 2 to 4 months
Orange to Blue 2 to 4 months
Blue to Purple 4 to 6 months
Purple to Green 4 to 6 months
Green to Brown 4 to 6 months
Brown to Red 6 to 8 months
Red to Advanced Red 4 to 6 months
Advanced Red to Black 4 to 6 months