Student reviews Dale McCutcheon’s Martial Arts program

If anyone is interested in joining a martial art school or has a child or knows of family member or even knows someone interested In joining a martial art school. Let me know and I’ll get you a coupon for a free trial. It’s a great family atmosphere and very friendly. We are taught respect to work together as a team and to encourage each other. You’ll gain confidence self esteem etc. Plus it’s a great workout and great way to get into good shape. We are taught by our head Instructor who holds the rank Of Grandmaster and has ten Black belts in ten systems he’s a World champion and has trained world,national, state and local champions, he’s a recipient of many awards. It doesn’t matter your age or if there is a physical or mental handicap this schools is for everyone. The world is getting worse and learning to protect yourself and what to do in case of an attack is very important. We have a tiny tiger program for ages 3-up, women’s self defense program which is an amazing program . And our regular course program where you’ll learn so much from this school.
After two years of searching I found this school and I’m more than happy I joined. The self defense we learn is the best. We cover every type of scenario from wrist grabs, clothing grabs, choke holds, strangle holds, head locks, bear hugs and many more etc. to defending against every weapon staff, club, knife ,bat, chain gun, to defending against multiple attackers etc. we learn joint locks, submission holds, different types of throws ex. Shoulder throws, hip throws etc. That’s just scratching the surface we leave no stoned unturned! It truly is a great school!!

David Flynn