Adult Karate

Interested in getting in shape, beating stress, and increasing your overall well being?

Our Traditional Adult Karate program is just the ticket to increasing your fitness, lowering your stress levels, and giving you the focus and self-confidence you need to live the life you want.

Many of our adult students report the following benefits after joining our Karate program:

Weight Loss

From the very beginning of joining our Karate Program, our adult students report positive changes in their weight and overall health. The very nature of martial arts will challenge your cardiovascular system while increasing strength and lean muscle. Aerobic exercise and more lean muscle mass are key in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.

Increased Fitness

Whatever your fitness level, our instructors will tailor a program to meet your needs and ability. Our supportive and encouraging atmosphere will keep you coming back for more. Unlike most exercise programs which focus on only one aspect of fitness, Karate training focuses on a wide range of skills such as flexibility, strength training, and aerobic conditioning. You will feel younger, stronger, and more flexible, and you will sleep better after just a few classes.

Confidence and Peace of Mind

Training your body through Karate also trains your mind and spirit. You will learn how to focus and concentrate better. You will learn to manage your stress levels and fear responses in a safe, controlled, and supportive environment. As you learn what you are capable of, you will achieve an increased level of self-confidence. Many of our adult students report that coming to class is an opportunity to unwind and release built up tension, allowing them to focus in on their personal and family life when they go home.

Connection with Your Children

Our adults who take Karate with their kids experience a deeper and more meaningful relationship with their children. At Dale McCutcheon's Martial Arts Academy, you have the opportunity to take many classes with your child. This opens up a brand new avenue to better communicate and encourage your child, while at the same time establishing a common ground and interest. Karate is one of the few sports where the whole family can participate and get in shape together.


Our program is built on realistic, achievable self-defense practices. Unlike many martial arts schools that focus on just kicking and striking, we teach you how to handle yourself in many diverse situations including ground attacks, multiple attackers, car attacks, and weapons attacks. You will learn manipulation of the joints, and range of nerve strikes for maximum effectiveness, and many other techniques to assist your defensive skills. Most important, you will develop  the skills of awareness and good judgment to avoid potentially dangerous situations.